What is Babelverse and How Does It Works

Babelverse is the "universal translator" for spoken communication, powered by a global community of human language talent.

We're breaking down language barriers in any situation

Phase 0

Babelverse has been trialled at conferences and other events, for both attendees and remote viewers. Live-streamed talks were made available in multiple languages, for people who would be unable to attend, let alone understand.

Phase 1

Babelverse will very soon enable anybody to benefit from on-demand interpretation via their mobile devices, during everyday conversations, going beyond the phrasebook to actually communicate when travelling, for business or pleasure.

You will be able to make a request for a given language pair, select a level of service, and almost instantly be connected to the best available interpreter. Even without access to the internet, by making a call to a local-rate or freephone number.

Every day we're getting closer to achieving our grand vision. Here’s a video showing one situation where Babelverse could be used.

Quality Human Communication, Powered by People

Babelverse relies on people to preserve the quality, context, cultural relevance, tone and emotion of the spoken word. Much better than any algorithm! Machine translation is just not reliable for natural conversation.

Different Tiers of Service, for Different Situations

On Babelverse you can choose from 3 distinct groups of interpreters, depending on your need:

Yellow Belt (Multilingual)
Free service by new members of the community to help you communicate in day-to-day informal situations. Comes with no guarantees, but optional "thank you donations" help discover skilled language talent.

Purple Belt (Experienced)
Affordable service by multilingual people who have proven experience on Babelverse. For casual discussions or urgent help in a difficult situation.

Black Belt (Professional)
High quality service by professional interpreters (with specialised training, accreditation and/or a lot of proven experience). For conferences, business meetings, and any critical discussions...

Babelverse creates a new source of income for people all over the world, as skilled multilingual members and professional interpreters can earn money for their time.

Rates are set by Babelverse according to a unique "fair trade" approach, varying per language pair according to parameters such as cost of living and purchasing power.

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